So you want to own a Boston Terrier?
His coat is easy to care for when it comes to grooming, a few strokes with a soft brush will keep his short, smooth coat gleaming.

He is loving and
Boston Terrier for sale! sensitive, merry and bright, at times a clown and has a deep love for his family and children.

He will get along well with other family pets.


I am a Boston Terrier.

My personality traits range from alertness, intelligence, and liveliness to strength and determination.

As a small tuxedo-clad pup, I love to express myself with grace, style and elegance.

I am very lively and adore anyone that gives me endless attention!

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ColorsSpanky, winner of "Too Cute" contest in 1999

Black and White

Black Brindle & White

Seal & White 



Once a Boston, Always a Boston!


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Health Guarantees Against ::

Hip Dysplasia
Juvenile Cataracts


More about Bostons

Bostons are definitely indoor dogs.  They should not be kept outside for long periods in the summer, and should have a jacket or sweater when outside in the winter. Bostons tend to be very healthy, and require little grooming. Bostons have naturally short, smooth, shiny coats.

Proud BostonThe Boston's neatness, good manners, and tuxedo-like markings earned him the nickname of "American Gentleman." American ingenuity may have created him, but the Gentleman's good nature helped him-and his female counterparts-earn a place as one of the most beloved house pets in this country and around the world.

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General Information

Height: 15-17 inches

Weight: 10-25 lbs.

Life Span: 12-15 yrs.

The Boston Terrier is easy to train and loves everybody, including children and other animals. Often happy to simply lie by its owner's side with a chew toy, the Boston can adapt to city, suburban, or country life.

The Boston terrier's coat is short, smooth, bright, and fine. Coat color is brindle, seal, or black, all with white markings on the muzzle between the eyes and on the forechest.

This dog's exercise needs are minimal; short walks will suffice.
Spanky Lives in Grande Prairie, Alberta
Developed in the 19th century by crossing an English & French bulldog with a white English terrier, the Boston terrier was the first American-bred dog.

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